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New Home Rebate FAQ’s

Q#1: Who is Costello Properties, LLC?

Q#2: Why should I use Costello Properties, LLC rather than any other real estate company?

Q#3: How do I know I will receive the Rebate?

Q#4: When do I receive my Rebate?

Q#5: Are there any restrictions on my use of the Rebate money?

Q#6: What should I do if I call or drive by a community on my own to secure my Rebate?

Q#7: What if my builder isn’t listed on your website?

Q#8: Do all builders work with your New Home Rebate program?

Q#9: What if I have already visited the subdivision or the builder’s sales office?

Q#10: A local builder is offering 1000’s of dollars in discounts and will even pay for my closing cost. Don’t I lose all this if they have to pay you a commission?

Q#11: I still have a question. Whom can I contact?

A#1: Costello Properties, LLC is a local real estate company in San Antonio, TX. Our business is to save our clients time and money. We provide a 1% cash back rebate on new home sales to customers who choose to do business through us.

A#2: Simpleā€¦ your CASH BACK REBATE! Why would you use anyone else? This is FREE money just for allowing us to guide you through the process and help make the deal go as smoothly as possible. If you used another company you would not get a rebate. You’ll only save time and money working with us.

A#3: We are obligated to pay the rebate under our terms because I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and a code of ethics. REMINDER! We must be representing you as the registered brokerage company and agent on record and have a Brokerage Relationship Disclosure signed by you.

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A#4: You will receive your rebate upon closing and funding of your new home. Typically you will receive your new home rebate the next business day.

A#5: You may use the cash for any legal purpose. To buy window blinds, new appliances, apply it to your closing cost, or for any number of items a typical home buyer may need. You can even take a vacation if you like!

A#6: Introduce yourself and let the on-site sales associate know that Gilbert Costello with Costello Properties, LLC referred you and that I will be representing you in your new home purchase. Present our Guest Card and make sure that you email or call to give me the details as to whom you spoke with and the community you visited.

A#7: Most new homebuilders will work with us. They want us to provide them with customers. Just call or email me and inquire about any builder not listed on the link we provide.

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A#8: Absolutely, they do! Obviously, they want buyers. I bring them buyers. Please contact me with the name of your builder and I will verify with them to make certain they work with me and also verify the commission they pay to agents, which in turn will enable me to give you a dollar amount you can expect to receive as your rebate.

A#9: You may very well still be eligible for our program as long as you haven’t already signed a contract with the builder. It is best though to register with me and let me know what area you’re interested in prior to visiting. Homebuilder policies vary from site to site. Please contact me by phone at 210.391.4044 or email and I will be happy to check for you.

A#10: Absolutely NOT! The builders cannot choose and pick who qualifies for their advertised incentives. You will receive any special deals they are offering in addition to the rebate. There are often times when I know about additional incentives that will save you even more money!

A#11: Email your inquiry to or you may also call me at 210-391-4044 Mon-Sat 9-6 pm.

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